Creations of a Lunatic

Art By Merf

Meet the Artist

Photo By: Austin Dali Caine

Merf O’Bryant is a local artist from the Charlotte, NC area. His interests include the use of various mediums including papier-mâché masks and practical wire sculptures. Early works include his Psychedelic Linework and the Cat Series. He is now concentrating on his Splatter Collection reminisce of Pollock, but where Pollock was known for his repetitive motion paintings, Merf uses texture, color and space for a more free-form effect, recently including a linear aspect to his work. “Every painting is done by impulse, every stroke, every splash, every spray. The colors speak to me when I'm working and are added where they belong, though they don't always go exactly as originally planned. I get lost in the work itself; I do what is supposed to be there, verses what I want to be there. I start with a certain color scheme or idea and end up burying those colors within layers of a new brain stricken excitement. Art is something I've always needed and find in all aspects of life. It’s the parts and pieces that make me, color…absence of. All express my being, my feelings and life source. Art is everything to me, from what I wear to how I look, not for the world but just for me, what I see and how I see it. If I couldn't do what I feel I need to, I would simply be lost. “